Various Features and Types of Stainless Steel Plates

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Stainless steel plates are available in different grades. There are the ‘300 series’ of stainless steel as well as the ‘400 series’ of stainless steel. There are those that are grades specifically meant to withstand high temperatures, those grades that have precipitation and hardening the duplex grades as well as alloys with nickel. These plates are available in thicknesses, which vary from 3/16 inches to 6 inches thick and these can go up to 120 inches in width.

These stainless steel plates are steel alloys, which are made with at least 11.5% of chromium by mass or content.  This material which does not corrode, stain, or rust easily is called steel that stains less or stainless.  However, this does not mean that it does not stain at all or that it is stain proof throughout. This is also available in different finishes and grades as per the environment, which the product will be subjected to during the lifetime. This material differs from carbon steel due to the amount of chromium which is present in it.
Stainless Steel Plates
Stainless Steel Plates

The Features of Stainless Steel Plates Are That Can Be Used For Multiple Purposes

  • It also resists corrosion and performs better than ordinary steel and that is why it is more durable.
  • This has high strength, and hence, a big plate can be used
  • This also resists oxidation at high temperature and so fire can be fought with it.
  • This can be processed at normal temperature and it is easy to process.
  • This does not need any surface treatment and so maintenance is easy and simple
  • This always looks bright and clean
  • It lends itself to welding.
The stainless steel plates are used for various applications which range from architecture - where fascias or cladding is needed - to the food hygiene industry or medical equipment industry. The reasons for using it in the latter two industries are due to their anti bacterial qualities.
Stainless Steel Plate
Stainless Steel Plate

Stainless Steel Plates Are Used For Making of Fuel and Chemical Tankers

It is used for petro chemical and chemical plants, pharmaceutical industries, where clean environments are needed, and the food processing industry, and the construction industry as well.

Stainless steel plates are available from coil product offerings. There are coils of multiple thicknesses and widths and these have different patterns of plates and there are non standard lengths of plates which can be made available as well.

The processing of these plates could be on the basis of the specifications of the customers and also the cost of the material, the time of production, the scrap and the internal handling. These stainless steel grades of plates can be cut as per the size needed.  There are various shapes, rings and discs which can be cut as well as water-jet cutting and laser cutting also can be undertaken. In the latter ones, precision is what is required more.

The ways of processing of these stainless steel plates are by using 2 plasma cutting tables, waterjet tables, kasto plate saws, lasers, plate shears, gauer processing, machine cutting as well as leveling of the plate.

These plates can be polished to different mirror finishes. There is the #4, #6, #7 and #8 mirror finishes.  The polishing based on the client can be done either on one or both sides and there could be pit free surfaces provided as well. There is also bevelling which can be done so that it can be prepared for welding as well as Blanchard grinding can be done of these plates. These can be heat treated as well as undergo PMI or UT Testing based on the need of the customers.

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