What Are the Installation Process of Split Air Conditioners System?

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There are different kinds of air conditioners. There are window air conditioners and there are the split AC systems as well.

The split air conditioners are those which split the hot part from the cold side of the system. The cold side which has the cold coil, as well as the expansion valve, is placed into an air handler or furnace. This air handler then blows the air through the coil and it then using the ducts routes it through the building. The hot side is out of the building and it is called the condensing unit.

Split Air Conditioners System
 Split Air Conditioners System
The condensing unit has a spiral shaped long coil which is like a cylinder. There is a fan which allows air to be blown through the coil along with control logic and a compressor which is weather resistant. This decreases the noise levels indoors. Other than this, it functions exactly like a window AC.

When Installing The Split System Air Conditioner, Here Are Some Things To Keep In Mind:

  1. You should select a location which is unobstructed on the interior wall where the indoor unit is to be installed.
  2. There should not be direct sunlight or heat sources.
  3. Locations where there could be sulphur, oil mist or potential gas leaks should be avoided.
  4. There should be atleast 6” around the indoor unit and it should be at least 7 feet from the ground.
  5. The unit should be installed a meter away from power or antennae or lines which are used for intercoms, telephones, home security systems, radio or television as the electrical noises could interfere with the air conditioner.
  6. The wall should be strong enough so that it can hold the weight. Sometimes a metal or wooden frame is needed for providing of additional support.
When considering the fitting of this split system, you need to consider how long the pipe will be and how much it would need to travel in order to be connected with the outside unit. The hole which is made should be downward sloping to the outside so there will be good drainage.

For the outdoor unit, the location should be kept away from places that are very hot, dusty or where there is heavy traffic. There should be 12 inches of space all around the unit so that it works well.

The condenser should be put on top of a concrete pad so that it is leveled and the pad should be such that it will be higher than the snow level in case it snows. There should also be a rubber cushioning which is under the feet of the unit so that the vibration is reduced. Also, there should be no television, radio or any antenna within 3 meters of the condenser.

Split Air Conditioners System
Split Air Conditioners System

Mini Split versus the Multi Split ACs

The best choice for multi zone and single zone areas are ductless air conditioners. There are various configurations which can be used and there are two basic platforms:

Mini split ones have a single fan coil indoor as well as the condenser which is outside. This cools individual rooms which have limited requirements. Incase there is sufficient space; multiple units can be used so that cooling can be provided to the whole building. This allows each unit to control the temperature separately and incase one of these do not function, the rest of the areas are not affected.

The multi split system has a single condensing unit and this is connected with various air handlers indoors. In this system, there is a thermostat for each indoor unit. This is cost effective and all areas in the room will have same cooling load.

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