What are the Important Factors Involved In a Burial Service?

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A burial service as per the dictionary usually refers to the religious service which is performed during the interment of the dead, or in short, it is the funeral service.

Burial services can be of different kinds based on whether there is a contemporary or a traditional ceremony that is performed. This is necessary as it helps in the grieving process and this is a time where the family and friends gather to pay their respects to their loved ones and celebrate the time they shared.
Burial Service
Burial Service

There Are Different Offerings For The Burial Service And The Most And Common Ones Are:

  • For the funeral service this consists of the visitation as well as the viewing with the family and the friends who gather. It includes the ceremony as well as the choices of the location – the church, funeral home or other locations. It includes the committal services which could be the cremation, entombment, or earth burial services, which follow the ceremony and the reception at the funeral home or church or any other location.
  • The graveside service includes the ceremony, which takes place at the burial site, with either the cremation urn or the casket, and the reception at the funeral home or the location which is chosen.
  • The memorial service can either be a formal one or an informal one with all the family and friends. This can be taken in conjunction with the other service offerings.
As per the tradition, the culture and the budget, there are various options and ideas which can be combined so that a tribute can be made to the person who has passed away. The estimate will be dependent on what has been chosen. However, the common merchandise usually consists of the following:

  • The services of the funeral director as well as the staff at the funeral home.
  • The embalming, only if it is required. This is usually undertaken when there is an open casket visitation or it could be done due to health concerns or due to the time factors.
  • Cost of the transportation as well as the care of the person who has passed away?
  • The use of the facilities and the funeral home.
  • The urn or casket or vault or burial container.
  • The register book, the clothing, memorial folders as well as prayer cards.
  • The hearse, the escort, the limousines.
  • The charges of the crematorium
Burial Service
Burial Service
In case the person is to be buried,  the charges for the cemetery including the grave cost, the charges for opening and closing of the grave, as well as the cost of tent to be put up for the committal service.

  • The charges for inscriptions and the monument which need to be put up.
  • The cost of copies of the death certificate.
  • The permit fees.
  • The honorarium for the clergy.
  • The honorarium paid to the musicians.
  • The flowers.
  • The notices in the newspaper.
  • The fees of the caterer and the reception.
There are various types of burial services which can be chosen from and various packages such as the processing and the filing of the permits as well as the authorizations, the receptions and catering allowance, the flower allowances, the digital memorial tributes, the stationary packet, the burial container, the care and preparation of the deceased, the selection of the casket and much more. In case the person is a veteran, the provision of the burial flag is also considered along with the perpetual care of the gravesite.

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