Why Should You Get The Log Book Servicing Done?

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Log Book Servicing
Log Book Servicing
When you buy a brand new vehicle, you always make promises to yourself that this time you will definitely take the best care of the vehicle. In fact, you even compare yourself to the person that you have seen taking really good care or their vehicle and decide to care of your car better than other person. For the first few weeks you will not eat in the car for the fear of dirtying the car, will clean it every day or perhaps every other day and never miss out on its servicing date. However, there are many things that happen in and around your life and you forget your promises pretty soon. Even if your life is going smooth you just forget your promises out of habit. But before you forget about your servicing promises you must know that there are many benefits of getting your car serviced at the right time and after a certain mileage.

What Is Log Book Servicing?

When the servicing of your vehicle is done according to the recommendations of the car manufacturer, as per the service chart given in the car manual, it is known as log book servicing. The service chart in the car manual is otherwise called the log book. This log book contains all the details of the car servicing up to 200,000 km. This log book contains information about the servicing as well as other information that helps the mechanic to know what all is needed to be done for completing the servicing based on the months or mileage, which ever is earlier.

If you think that the log book is only useful for your mechanic then you are mistaken. You too must be familiar with the log book in order to know about the servicing details of your car.
Log Book Service
Log Book Service

What Are The Advantages Of Log Book Servicing?

  • You Vehicle’s Warranty Remains Intact: When you buy a new vehicle, it comes with a warranty. This warranty can be breached because of many reasons and one of the reasons is of not being up to date with the mandatory servicing. Getting the log book servicing done for your vehicle will keep the warranty of the vehicle intact. Only when you get the servicing done in the limited time period or after a certain distance covered that your warranty can remain valid. The validity of the car warranty does not depend on the type of garage that you choose.
  • Keeps Your Car In Good Running Condition: You must understand that the manufacturer of your car has made this service plan that has been outlined in your car’s log book for some specific reason. The car is a machine and its engine needs to be tuned enough so that it undergoes minimum wear and tear. In the initial few months, the engine needs to be taken care of well in order to prevent not only wear and tear but also burnout. If you do not get the car serviced on time, as prescribed, you car will develop snags or underperform.
  • Keeps The Resale Value Of The Car High: Most of the buyers that buy second hand or used cars knows about the importance of the log book servicing. This is the reason that they ask whether or not the scheduled servicing according to the log book of the car has been completed on time or not. The cars that are serviced only occasionally would fetch a much lower resale value than the car which has been serviced as per the log book.
Those of you, who get their vehicle serviced as per the recommendation from the manufacturer, will definitely reap the benefits of this in the form of trouble free performance of the car.

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