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Gone are the days when kitchen used to be the room where women toiled when men had all the fun in the living room. Modern kitchens are now nothing less than a second living room, except that it does not have a sofa. Living rooms have extended into the kitchen by having open kitchens, without a wall to separate from the living room. Most of the gatherings with family members happen in the kitchen and this makes the kitchen a very special place. However, this also makes it important to keep your kitchen presentable and clean so that whoever enters your kitchen cannot but appreciate it.
New Kitchen
The biggest practical problem in the kitchen is to clean the area where the food is cooked. The splutter caused by the items fried in oil or a hot pan causes a backsplash on the wall behind the cook top. This is a stain that is very hard to remove because it has the oil as well as spices that you use while cooking. This staining of the wall may give your kitchen an unsightly appearance which is just not acceptable in a place that is loved by all the family members. To solve this problem of back splashes, there are new kitchen available, that can be placed against the wall surface behind the cook top.

The best thing about these new kitchen is that they have a surface that resists staining and is very smooth. This prevents the food stains from sticking to the surface and staining the walls or the splashback surface. This amazing option not only saves your wall from staining or getting dirty, but also adds a hint of glamour to your kitchen.

However, when you want to buy a new kitchen, you must make sure that you select one that not only solves your purpose of keeping your kitchen spick and span but also gives your kitchen a modern and glitzy look. The things that you must make sure to look for while selecting the one for your kitchen are:

The Color

It is very important that you choose the right color of the new kitchen so that it does not look out of place. Rather, the color should complement the décor of the kitchen. Only the color that blends with that of your kitchen will make your kitchen look classy. So, always try to choose the color that is according to the tone of your kitchen. Even if you do not match the color, you could go for a tone matching or contrasting color scheme. A bright new kitchen should have a bright splashback.
Kitchen Splashback
New Kitchen

The Material

It is important to choose the right material while buying a splashback for your kitchen. You could choose from glass, stainless steel, granite or zenolite which is a new material. The material should be chosen on the basis of ease of cleaning, ease of installation, the finish that matches the finish you have in your kitchen. However, if you have a matt finish in your kitchen, it would be better to use a shiny surface because it is easy to clean and imparts a shine that you generally need in your kitchen. The stainless steel splashbacks are cheaper and long lasting. The newer material zenolite is not only great looking but also easy to install. The gloss makes it easy to clean too. It can be altered by professionals to suit your new kitchen and can be installed quickly and easily.

For getting the splashback installed in your kitchen, you must call for a professional because they will be able to do it perfectly. This may require you to pay a little more but it is worth it because by doing so you will save your energy and time as well as have a splash back installed the correct way without any worries for you.

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