How to Do Simple Electrical Repairs At Home?

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As the smart homeowner, you may have to take responsibilities of a lot of projects on your shoulders, to keep the maintenance cost of the house within budget. This includes dealing with electrical lines and appliances at home too. While you must call professionals for a serious problem, there are some minor issues which you too may handle in spite of being novice with handling of electrical items, lines, testers and equipment's. But dealing with the electrical wiring is very crucial and dangerous task and it is suggested to consult with some electricians to do the same.
Electrical Repairs
Electrical Repairs

Things You Need To Work On Home Electrical Lines

  • Pliers or wire cutters- these are needed to cut the wires. Often electrical wires are hard and stiff, and you cannot cut then with scissors. Cutting with teeth is not at all safe. Hence pliers are needed.
  • Wire strippers- these are needed to strip the coating off wires. Unless you strip off the plastic coating, you won’t be able to operate on the bare wires.
  • Screwdrivers- there are many types of screwdrivers. Some are with small heads, some flat big heads, and then there are Phillips screwdrivers. You must have a full set to use any type as needed.
  • Testers- a tester is needed to check if the part of the line or switch is getting current supply or not.
  • Screws for mounting- screws are always required, as you may need to mount a board, or a switch with screws.
  • Apart from that, you may need some new cover plates to replace the old one. You need to stock some black tape for joining the electrical wires and always do the electrical work with some rubber or wooden attachments to avoid short circuit.

Small Electrical Projects To Start With Are:

You can do some small electrical work by DIY methods. But it is suggested to read the manual of the respective products and you must ensure utmost safety measurement while you do these works.
  • Changing the switches of lights and fans on switch board
  • Installing lighting under cabinet
  • Replacing wiring of broken lamp
  • Replacing a burnt fuse
  • Repairing an extension cord
Electrical Repair
Electrical Repair

How to Repair an Extension Cord?

Here is a simple project that can help you revive the old and broken extension cord to life. Extension cords are often expensive when you buy a reliable quality cord. And dumping off an extension cord simply because the switch or indicator light is not working is a bad idea, when you can fix it in simple steps.
  • Open the casing to find out if wires inside are intact or damaged. If you seen an apparent damage, simply focus on fixing that part first.
  • You would need screwdrivers to open the wire from both ends, as screws will fasten the end.
  • Opening the screws and replacing the wire can be done. Else, the damaged part can be clipped off and then the cut ends can be joined by twisting the free parts together, and covering it with the black tape.
In case a switch or indicator light has been damaged, they can be changed in similar way, and only the damaged part being replaced, the extension cord will work again. You simply need to detect the point of problem, and this will need use of a tester to see where the current is detected.

Any problems with electrical lines etc can be dealt with when you gather a little know how and experience with small electrical repairs. In addition, this is essential to mend small problems at odd hours when you may have to wait hours for a professional electrician.

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